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I Survived Spring Break!!

I survived spring break. I had a fantastic time and now I’m back in Roma for 2 more days of class and then finals, ugh, wish me luck. I absolutely loved Dublin, especially the part where I got to see Bryan!! London was expensive, but we had amazing accomodations and we were able to meet up with Lauren Storr, a former Heelan debater, and Afiya Wilkins, a Notre Dame friend abroad in London. Paris was great, even though I was sick the whole time. We were able to go to Easter Sunday mass at the Cathedral of Notre Dame and we even had amazing seats, which is better than I usually get at St. Mike’s. Greece was fabulous, especially Santorini!! We met so many amazingly nice people, I’m not sure who is more friendly, the Irish or the Greeks. We spent an entire day at the beach and another cruising around the island in a yellow convertible. We also met up with other Saint Mary’s girls and had tons of fun. I’ll fill in the details later and some day, probably after finals, I’ll post all my pictures. I have lots to do in the next couple of weeks, but in 10 days I’ll be back in America. Bryan is picking me up in Chicago and I’m going to spend some time in South Bend as he finishes up with finals. I’ll be back in Iowa on the 18th!! I hope everybody is great. I miss you and love you all, see you soon. Lots of love, Angie 🙂

3 Responses to “I Survived Spring Break!!”

  • Christy:

    I can’t wait for you to be back home but I feel sad that this wonderful dream come true experience is going to end soon! I’m happy that Bryan was able to experience part of it with you! Too bad your trip has to end with finals! Good luck on them. Love you and miss you, love, Mom 🙂

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Hello Lovely Miss Angelina – You’re wonderful pictures say you are having the best of times. We’re so happy for you. You’ll need a CASE of ink cartridges and Photo paper when you return to the good ole US of A. Can’t wait to see you! (I’m standing in a very long line)
    Love, AJ

  • Michelle:

    Hey Angie! Just wanted to wish you luck on your finals, I hope it’s not too hard. You’ll be home soon, I’m probably almost as excited to see you as Bryan =). Anyway, enjoy your last couple weeks and have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to talk to you, think of all the things we have to tell each other =)! Adios mi amigo (not italian but i tried right?)