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Sunny Sunday

Katie and I returned from Sweden today. It was kinda weird coming back to Rome and seeing such beautiful weather after walking around in our coats in the snow just hours earlier. We had a really really hard time getting back to the Tiziano. There was apparently a marathon going on around Rome and all the transportation was a complete disaster. It took us forever to get back, finally we had to walk most of the way while carrying our luggage. I felt like I had run a marathon that day, I was so tired, plus I hadn’t got any sleep from the night before. I have never been happier to see the front doors of my hotel, my home, before.

I had no time to rest once we got back. I changed into more suitable clothes considering the beautiful weather and we headed to Circus Maximus where a bunch of Saint Mary’s girls were having a picnic and birthday party. It was nice to just hang out and relax and enjoy the beautiful Roman day. We all had a really fun time playing three-legged races and the human knot.

Circus Maximus Katie & Angie

I came back to the hotel a little while later and awaited the arrival of Giuliangela and Alexandra from their weekend getaways in Switzerland. They also had a hard time getting back to the hotel because of the marathon, so while I waited for them, I met up with Alexandra’s mother and took her to the Pantheon for a little while since it was so close to the hotel. We of course admired the eye or the oculus of the Pantheon, enjoyed some street perfomers, and stuck a deal with a street vendor for some Italian scarves. Alexandra was thrilled to see her mother when her and Giuliangela finally made it back to the hotel.

For dinner, we carried on our tradition of eating at the Chinese restaurant behind our hotel.

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  • Katie Hanner:

    hey angie i was just checkin up on your website!! Right now im babysitting some of my boyfriends nieces who all say hi to you also!
    i love your website and it looks like you’re having lots of fun
    love you so much