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Finalmente! “I’ve dated my life up!”

I have finally updated my website. As my music professor would say, I have dated my website up. You can finally look at all of my pictures and see what I have been doing lately. As usual, I have been staying super busy doing and seeing so many new and wonderful things. I have also been super busy with homework. I wish someone would tell my professors that midterms aren’t fun. Oh well. I’ve managed to do so much anyway. Lots of love to everyone!! Love, Angie

11 Responses to “Finalmente! “I’ve dated my life up!””

  • Christy:

    Hey, wait one Roman second… we need more than just an outline! Fill in the blanks! I can’t experience all the great adventures off of an outline! Are midterms really that important? Just kidding… love you and can’t wait to see the new pictures. Be safe! love, Mom

  • terri:

    Hi Angie,
    Loved looking at all of the new pictures. It looks like you are an awesome adventure.
    Love You Tons!!!
    Aunt Terri

  • Uncle john:

    Ok…I have been a bit remiss in my duties as an uncle and casual observer of this great adventure..(I am still upset with Aunt Jenny’s translation program):). Anyway after spending an hour reviewing pictures (yes on government time..thank you all tax payers), all I can say is what an incredible adventure. The Vatican, Turin, venice, the vatican, the carnivalle, the vatican.. (must be something about tose swiss boys). Thanks for letting us all share the adventure with you on the web site. Way cool!

  • collin:

    Hi Aunt Angie, it looks like you are having a lot of fun. I like all of your pictures. I miss you and can’t wait to see you. Love, Collin

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Hello – Someone has a birthday tuesday!!!!!!!!
    I just looked at about half of your new pictures and will have to catch the rest later when I return home. I have to say, your gondola ride looked much cooler than the one I had at the Venecian in Las Vegas (I wonder why).
    But— How did you like Giselle? Skinny, Brook, & I took Sydney to see Giselle in Chicago last year, and we all had turns sleeping through parts of it. The music and dancing all seemed the same after a while and what a silly story…
    Later….. Love AJ

  • Christy:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love you and miss you! Love Tiffani, Lane and Mom

  • Christy:

    You are the best sister I got! Your the best sister in the whole world! I hope you have a great birthday with your friends. Enjoy being in Rome! I reallly miss you! I can’t wait to see you on my birthday!!! 🙂 I am taking care of Ally and Alji very great. Alji misses you. Ally misses you too (even thouogh I’m her new favorite!)Happy Happy Birthday. Love you tons. Love, Little Bug

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Angelina di Compleanno felice! Era cosí piacevole per sentire la sua voce oggi! Sperare che lei ha un giorno meraviglioso. Il Wow – 20 anni vecchi
    Ti voglio bene
    Jenny di zia

  • terri:

    Happy 20th birthday! Whatever are you going to do for 21? I hope you’re having the time of your life. I’ll make you a birthday cake when you get back : ) Love you LOTS!

  • Katie:

    hey angela happy birthday!! love you lots,
    cousin katie

  • sydney:

    hey angela
    just checking out your site it is really cool love all the pics well keep up the good work
    your cous