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Venezia!! Day Two

After a wonderful night of beauty sleep, we put our masks back on and headed out to Venice for another fantastic day. This time, we took a boat taxi around Venice to San Marco’s Square. The boat ride was about half an hour. It was so amazing!!

Venice Group Venice

After we got to the San Marco’s area, we finally took a gondola ride after bargaining with several gondoliers. It was amazing!! So peaceful, beautiful, romantic, fascinating….I can’t wait to return and go agains someday.

Gondolier Angie
Giuliangela & Angela Gondola Ride

After our lovely ride, we made it through the crowd to San Marco’s Square and found thousands of more people, tons of pigeons, and some really cool costumes.

San Marco's

After we were able to take it all in, we headed towards the train station (or so we thought) and stopped at a random restaurant for lunch, the pizza was great. We ended up getting lost in the Jewish ghetto, which is barely even on the map of Venice. Thanks to some kind old ladies, we were sent in the right direction and somehow ended up at the train station with time to spare. We ate these creme puff things that are famous in Venice during Carnevale and then boarded to train for the first peaceful train ride I’ve ever experienced. Venice was wonderful. There’s just some kind of magic about it. I’m defenitely planning on going back there again someday.

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  • Christy:

    Hi Angie, Hope your Religion test goes great on Thursday – I’m sure it will! I know you have been very busy with your studies. Venice must have been fantastic. The boat ride, gondola, carnevale, everything (except the train ride there) must have been so cool! I have really been having an exciting life through you!!! Keep having fun, keep studying, keep safe and most important, keep this website going!!! love you, love, Mom