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Venice!! Day One

We took a molto interesante night train to Venice late late late on Friday and arrived in Venice on Saturday morning.

We checked into our hotel. We stayed in a suburb of Venice that I am going to refer to as China Town. We walked around and checked out the plethora of Asain shops. We stopped at a Church and turned on a candle. After finally settling into our room, we got ready and took the bus to Venice to join the thousands of people. We walked around and looked at many beautiful costumes, shops, glass, and stands. We ate lunch at a random restuarant on some little narrow street. We all bought a Carnevale mask.We made it to the famous bridge that goes over the Grand Canal after spending hours in the biggest crowd of people I’ve ever been in.

Giuliangela, Alexandra, Angela Venice

We decided to go back to the hotel and rest up and had a picnic of Chinese carry out on our bed. We put our masks back on and went out to some plaza that had a live band, tons of bars and restaurants, and loads of people dressed up in crazy costumes.

Alexandra, Angela, Emily, Giuliangela

We made it back to the hotel before the clock struck midnight and we turned into pumpkins. (sorry, I couldn’t help but throw in a Cinderella reference)

That concludes our first day in the best city ever!!

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