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Wednesday Outing!!

Today, Giuliangela took Alexandra and I on one of our traditional Wednesday outings. We intended to go to the Church Santa Maria della Vittoria to so see the infamous St. Teresa in Ecstasy. Unfortunately, the Church was closed for the time being. I’m sure I’ll make it back there some day though. I really want to see it because I’m reading “Angels and Demons” right now and some of the action takes place there. It is a great book to be reading right now because it takes place in Rome and in the Vatican. Hopefully, I will be able to visit all of the places mentioned in the book, although I doubt I’ll be able to make it to the Vatican’s Secret Archives.

Anyway, we ended up walking around a little bit and we went into an International Bookstore. There are books in several different languages there, so it was pretty cool. Next, we were going to go to another church, but we had to waste some time before it opened so we went to the Hard Rock Cafe just up the street. It was such a tease to see so much American food on the menu. I wanted all of it, but instead we settled for a brownie sundae.

After our step into the American culture, we emerged satisfied and then headed off to the crypt of the Cappucine Monks. It’s a really creepy and amazing place all at the same time. It’s kinda hard to explain and pictures weren’t allowed, but I’ll try to do it justice. The place is filled with artwork formed from the bones of the monks. The ceilings, walls…are all covered with these bones. There are also a few skeletons and a plaque that says something like, “We were once where you are and you will be what we are now.” It’s kind cryptic, but it kinda like saying dust to dust. Anyway, it was a really neat experience and I’m going to have to buy postcards so I can show everyone what it really looks like.

Later that night, we had a birthday party for all the girls in our program who have February birthdays and the theme was the Olympics!! Some girls rented out this club near our hotel and invited everyone in our program and in the Notre Dame program.

Alexandra, Angela, Giuliangela, Christine

It was so much fun to dress up and be with all my friends!! There were so many cool costumes, great music and dancing, and lots of fun!!

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