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Torino! Oh Hey Olympics!

Saturday!! The Olympics!!

I had my first experience on a night train. (Hopefully, those kind of experiences are limited.) We arrived in Torino bright and early in the morning. We had our first encounter with a super-fan as we got off the train. We decided to head towards the main square in Torino to see what action was going on there. I think we saw Ricky Martin practicing for the concert later that night…at least that’s what I’m standing by. We ran into some more die-hard fans and got our picture taken with them.

Angie, Emily, Alexandra Anney, Christine, Giuliangela

Then we made our way to the Olympic Super Store, as girls would, and found a million and one Olympic souveniers.

Crazy Fans Olympics

We headed down to the Po River. It is a pretty big river, optimal for kodak moments.


We found some gigantic Olympic mascots and got our picture taken with them as well.


The Olympic Torch!! The Eternal Flame!! Wow!! I was pretty amazed by the torch. It really felt like we were at the Olympics!! We saw a ticket booth and checked into getting tickets to an event. We were really close to going to a hockey game, but they couldn’t garauntee that we would get to sit together, so we opted to continue walking around instead.

Torch Angie & Torch

At this point in time, it had been rainy for a while and we were all getting pretty hungry, so we went to the center of Torino and began our search for food. This was no easy task. The native of Torino strictly observe the afternoon siesta tradition. Being that it was a little after 3:00 in the afternoon, we couldn’t find anywhere to eat!! It is not a good situation when you have a group of tired and hungry girls. Fortunately McDonalds came to the rescue. Never in my live have I been happier to find a McDonalds. There always there for you when you need them. Our experience would be a great advertisement for them. Anyway, we wasted away the afternoon there, rested a little bit, and then our way back out into Torino.

McDonalds Angie & Megan

As the sun went down, the people of Torino came out and the place was packed!! Earlier it was a ghost town and later it turned into a circus. It was lots of fun walking around. The streets were all decorated with lights. The concert was going on and we could hear it and see a little bit of it as we walked around. We found the spot were the Today Show is filmed. We danced a litte and made merry.

Giuliangela & Angela Girls

It was tons of fun! Our great Olympic adventure finally culminated and we headed back to the train station for our trip back to Rome.

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