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Visit to Vatican City & Opera

Due to the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, friendships/love with Swiss guards have commenced. On our way to the opera last night (wednesday) we stopped by the Vatican to visit our new friends. Giuliangela, Alexandra, Christine, and I were able to visit Phillip while he stood guard at the Bronze Doors. Giuliangela e innamorto cotto!! She’s madly in love! I would be too if I were her.

Angela, Phillip, Giuliangela

As Giuliangela and I headed off to the opera, Alexandra and Christine went to visit their respective guards. I think we’ll be making more visits to the Vatican in the future, yeah!! We’re actually planning on going to the Vatican museum this Friday (even before we met some Swiss guards) and hopefully we’ll be able to have someone as our personal tourguide.

Speaking of love, we went to another amazing opera! I’m developing a liking for operas now. I actually knew one of the songs from this opera, Rigoletto, so I was really excited to hear it. I had another wonderful evening at the opera house. All in all, I’m having a wonderful time in Roma!

Rigoletto   Rigoletto   Rigoletto

2 Responses to “Visit to Vatican City & Opera”

  • Aunt Debbie:

    As a college student I should get to travel like you! All I get to see is North Dakota- something is wrong with that picture! You sound like you are having the time of your life. PLEASE be careful with all your travels- remember that things do happen when you least expect it- oh whoops- I forgot I was your aunt and not your MOM! Have fun, and thank so much for taking all the time to share this with us. Hey, do you still have classes- or have you taken up traveling and site seeing as a major?
    Love and miss you. Aunt Deborah Ann

  • Christy:

    Love it when anyone sounds like “Mom” and gives little reminders of safety! 🙂 (Angie take note!) Curious as to how Giuliangela’s date went with Phillip the other night? Glad you like Opera – do the other girls like it like you do? Can’t wait for the update on Torino and the Pope!!! love you, Mom

    Tiffani misses you very much. She hopes your studying is going good. She is doing a good job taking care of Ally and Algie! love you, love Tiffani