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Buon San Valetino!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It’s nice being in Rome for Valentine’s Day, but I really miss my valentine Bryan. Giuliangela said she would be my valentine tonight, but it’s just not the same. What can you do? Go to class all day, eat dinner at the hotel with a bunch of girls, go to a lecture at 8:30 (who’s bright idea was that?), then go out with the girls…and smell the beautiful sweet roses Bryan sent to me all day and all night. Grazie molto!!
Lots of love to everyone, Angela

Flowers   Angela's Flowers

Although I missed my true valentine all day, I ended up having a wonderful evening with the girls. We went out for a night in Rome with love looming in the air. I had a lot of fun while my friends were being swept off their feet by Swiss guards, how romantic!!

Giuliangela & Angela

2 Responses to “Buon San Valetino!!”

  • Christy:

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Very nice of Giuliangela to step in for Bryan, but she has some pretty big shoes to fill! As always, Bryan is thoughtful as ever – enjoy the flowers! Happy Valentines Day to both you and Bryan!!! love, Mom

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Wow, Again you’ve Posted some great pictures and memories. That La Sagrada looks unbelievable. I asked Brook what she saw when she was in Barcelona but she only remembered the “Hard Rock Cafe”. Maybe your pictures will jog her memory.

    Continue having a wonderful time. You look great in the pictures!!!!

    Love, AJ