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Barcelona Day Two

On Saturday morning, we walked down through the La Ramblas area towards the port to go to the aquarium. I’m so glad that our hostel was in this area because it was such a neat place to be. There are lots of pet stands, flower stands galore, and other little purse and jewelry shops too. There are so many people from all over walking around in this area and lots of entertaining street performers.

Angela   Giuliangela

The port was so beautiful in the morning/afternoon. Thanks to Christopher Columbus, our guide throughout our stay, we always knew which way the sea was. There are tons of shops on the port (as well as gypsies). There is also a mall with lots of restaurants, a movie theater, an Imax, and the L’aquarium at the end of the port.

Christopher Columbus   Port   Angela   Giuliangela

The Aquarium is apparently the largest in Europe. While is was pretty amazing, with lots of sharks, sea horses, penguins, a moving walkway…the aquarium at the Omaha zoo still ranks pretty high in my opinion. Anyway, we had lots of fun looking at all the wonderful sea animals. The highlight might have been having our picture taken with Mr. Dude (the turtle) and chasing after Nemo. It’s kind of ironic to have an aquarium on a port, but it was really fun.

Angela   Giuliangela & penguin   Nemo   
L'aquarium   Giuliangela & Angela

We had a really busy and amazing rest of the day. First of all, I’d like to mention that we finally ate lunch at KFC (American Food!), right across from La Sagrada Familia. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Parc de Montjuic. Barcelona is between the sea and the mountains, which makes for a really spectacular view from the top of Montjuic. After randomly stopping and watching part of a baseball game, we made our way to the Olympic Stadium of the 1992 summer Olympics. Wow! It was so cool, so beautiful, and so big. It also made me really excited about actually going to the Olympics in Torino this weekend.

Barcelona   Angela

We made a quick stop at Poble Espanol (the Spanish Village) in Montjuic. Supposedly, you can see lots of Spanish architecture and artisans inside the village area. We didn’t go inside, but it looked very cool from the outside. We had a little difficulties catching the bus from Poble Espanol to the castle we were going to, but we finally made it after one bus drove off without us and a birdy pooed on me. So, there were a few minor setbacks, but everything was wonderful once we made it to the castle.

Angela   Giuliangela

The Castell de Montjuic was so amazing!! I’ve never been to a castle before so I had no idea what to expect and I was literally taken aback by it’s beauty and massive size. And the view…Wow!! The Castell is on top of the hill over looking the sea on one side and the city on the other. The Castell de Montjuic was a fortress back in the day. So there were lots of military weapons and uniforms within the castle and cannons placed all around it. We walked all around, taking in the fresh air and the amazing view. This was probably one of our favorite places we went to in Barcelona.

Castell   Giuliangela & Angela   Angela & Giuliangela

We were really tired after site-seeing all day, so we came back to the hostel for a later afternoon siesta (only because we were trying to integrate ourselves into the Spanish culture, haha).

We got all dressed up for the evening and went to the Casino Barcelona for some dinner and some slot machine action. I was really surprised at how elegant and classy this casino was. Everybody was so dressed up. There were at least four or five really nice restaurants there. We ate at the ‘snack bar’ and were still served by waitors in tuxedos with service matching a really nice American restaurant. I wonder what it would have been like to eat in one of the restaurants there. Anyway, we had a really great time. Then we went to play the slot machines. While I put five euro in the slot machines the whole night, I sat next to people putting fifties and hundreds in the ten cent machines. Crazy! I left even for the night and Giuliangela had doubled her five into ten. We were pretty amazing, what can I say?!

Fountain   Casino

We went back to the La Ramblas area and went to a Flamenco Dancing show. It was so much fun. Somehow we managed to get stage side seats even though we bought our tickets ealier that afternoon. There was so much excitement in the air and intensity coming from the singers and dancers. The dancing was so amazing I got goosebumps! This was probably my favorite!! (Another favorite, I guess)

Angela & Giuliangela   Guitarists   Flamenco Dancer   Flamenco Dancers   Flamenco Dancer

After the show, we walked around the La Ramblas area at night. It was so crazy, there were club promoters trying to get you to go to their club every ten feet. There was defenitely not a problem finding something to do at night in Barcelona. We met a club promoter named Momo. I kept trying to figure out where on earth he was from all night. He could speak like seven different languages, but he didn’t speak any of them very well. It was fun getting a taste of the night life in Barcolona with Giuliangela and Momo.

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