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Vatican City!!

We’ve started a new tradition of Wednesday afternoon field trips, Giuliangela and I. Last week she took me to Piazza del Popolo and this week she took me to the Vatican. It was so amazing!! I got tears in my eyes as we were approaching it. Vatican City, a country in its own right. I have never felt the presence of God so strongly in my life as I did today. The beauty of the Vatican and the Basilica of St. Peter’s in indescribable. No picture could possible capture it either, hence you all must come see it for yourself as you must come see everything else in Rome for yourself. I love the Vatican. Can you believe the history of the place and the rich tradition it encompases. Wow! We didn’t go to the Vatican museum because you must get there early in the morning, but we did tour the Basilica of St. Peter which made for an amazing afternoon. I tried to take some pictures, but they just don’t do it justice. By the way, we’re going to the Vatican museum the day before we go to Torino. Anyway, I saw some amazing things: the pieta’, the tomb of Pope John Paul II, and the Swiss Guard. We went and prayed in this little chapel (pictures were not allowed) in the Basilica and I couldn’t help but to cry. It’s hard for me to really realize where I am sometimes. I’m actually in Rome. I’m actually at the Vatican, the home of our Pope and the foundation of the Church. This is were the Pope gives mass. This is where so many profound historical events have taken place. Wow! That’s all I can say. I’m speechless.

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5 Responses to “Vatican City!!”

  • Aunt Jenny:

    re: John H. Grote Jr.

    Angela caro, Dovuto alla sua mancanza di John di Zio di fiducia nella mia capacità di imparare italiano, ho pensato un riferimento anche potrebbe incitarlo a lui per studiare la lingua. Dunque è qui un segreto di suo Zio John Grote Jr: John è uno di miei fratelli preferiti e l’amo caramente.

    Lei ama la sua classe di mitologia? Ho amato sempre i miti. Credo in una vita precedente, ero Diana (Godess di ricerca). Adesso, certo, sono giusto controllando il suo fluency in italiano. Lei doveva grattare la sua testa per un minuto prima che lei ha realizzato che sono pieno di crap?? I suoni come lei hanno avuto un grande fine settimana.
    Arrivederci per adesso.
    L’amore, Jenny di Zia

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Angie, We must have been on your web site at the same time, because after I left my last reply, your pics of the Vatican came on. Absolutely spectacular!!!!! It also brings tears to my eyes seeing your there. I’m so happy for you.
    Love, AJ

  • Uncle john:

    OK…so Jenny bought a translation program..

    Angie.. I am so happy for you. The Vatican must have been a truly moving experience..I am jealous but hope to some day see the sights of Rome and the vatican for myself!

  • Uncle john:

    By the way….I am not sure what Aunt Jenny called me but at least I have been to Rome once… (OK really I just landed there on the way to Suadi Arabia in 1990) but I was on the ground for like three hours! 🙂

  • Angela:

    I’m not really sure about everything Aunt Jenny was saying either, haha, but I’ll have Giuliangela help me later. Translation programs don’t say things quite the same way. However, she did say that you are one of her (preferred) brothers that she loves dearly, how sweet. For future use, Italians differentiate between types of love. Amore is the type of love that you share with your boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, husband/wife, etc. If you want to tell your friends or family that you love them, you say, ‘ti voglio bene.’ That’s just one of the many things I’ve been learning from the best Italian teacher in the world – Giuliangela. By the way, if anyone ever needs a tour guide for Rome, I’d be glad assist. Ciao!