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Roma – Pantheon, opera, classes, food…

Things are going great so far. I’m still a little tired, but I’m finally getting settled in and beginning to go out and see some of Rome. I saw the Pantheon the other day and as promised, here is a picture:

Pantheon   Dome

I went at night, so everything is a little dark, but it’s only a couple blocks away from our hotel, so I’m sure I’ll visit it tons more.

I’ve changed my classes a little bit. I dropped art history and added music appreciation. I’m so glad that I did. I like art, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll see tons of it on my own and on our tours and avoid the stress of the class (I’ve heard horror stories about the final). I really like the music class so far. I’ve only had two classes, but I really like the professor and I’ve already gone to see an opera! My first opera ever and I got to see it in Rome! We get to go to four more and a ballet. I’m really excited about the class. I went to the opera last night and it was amazing.

It was so good I almost pissed my pants!!…I mean it was better than Pirates of Pizants. (Pretty Woman)
Don Giovanni, composed by Mozart.

Giuliangela & Angela   Opera House   Opera   Opera

Here’s a fun fact for everyone, Mozart’s 250th birthday is this Friday. I just learned that today.
My class schedule is a little different now. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have classes from 8:00-12:40; on Tuesdays, I have classes from 8:00-11:35 and then one more class from 5:30-7:00; and on Thursdays, I have class from 8:00-11:35. I’m done with classes before noon on Thursday and we don’t have class on Friday. So far, I really like my classes and all of my professors. Philosophy is good, Music is great, and Mythology is really interesting. I’m going to love my Religion class. The priest who teaches it is so smart and captivating and the subject matter sounds really interesting. Italian will be an experience as always. The professoressa speaks in Italian 99% of the time.

I know you’re all wondering about the food. Well….it is soooo good!!! I haven’t eaten a lot since I’ve been here, but what I’ve had is wonderful. I’ve had two meals at the hotel and they’re awesome. I had gelato once so far and it was so delicious. I went to dinner with my roommate, her parents, and her roommate from last semester at this real Italian restaurant and the service and the food was so good. They served bruschetta as an appetizer at dinner the other night, tomatoes on toast is pretty much what it is, but it’s flavored and it’s really good, and I don’t even like tomatoes all that much. I went to a pizzeria by the Pantheon with Emily, a girl from class, and that was interesting. They serve pizza a lot differently here than in the states, but it was good. They don’t really have snack food here. I haven’t really seen chips or cupcakes or stuff like that. Crackers are kinda the snack food and weird, but good, cookies are too. They don’t have peanut butter, but this chocolate hazel nut spread that lots of people like. I tried it with some crackers and it was good. I also go to this cafe in the mornings on the way to class with Giuliangela. I’ve had fresh squeezed orange juice, an Italian version of a strawberry kiwi slush, and a chocolate frappe, which is like a chocolate shake. I have noticed that all their chocolate stuff is really rich, so you don’t eat a lot at once. They’re right when they say the portions are smaller, cuz they are, but they fill you up. I’ll keep you updated on the food as I try more stuff.

The shops are really interesting too. There really isn’t anything like a Walmart anywhere in Italy. Every store is specialized. I have to go to a hairdryer shop to get a hairdryer, a soap and towel shop to get hangars, and a school supply store to get folders. I came at the right time of the year though, because everything is on sale now. Stores don’t put things on sale when they want, but the whole country has a sale everywhere twice a year, and now is one of those times. Hopefully I can go shopping soon, they have tons of cute stores. I’ve been on a bus and tram already, public transportation is pretty easy, but there’s all sorts of people you see. We’re going on tours with everyone this whole weekend, so I’ll get to see so much more of Rome. I’m so excited about it!! Well, I’m going to get going and do some homework and hopefully get some sleep tonight. Arrivederci!!

9 Responses to “Roma – Pantheon, opera, classes, food…”

  • Bryan:

    So Angie…Did you get to use those funny binoculars at the opera, becuase that’s a picture I really want to see! Glad to see you’ve already done so much in only the first week!

  • terri:

    I’m so happy for you, sounds like a wonderful time.
    love you

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Wow, way cool!! Did you study the story of Don Giovanni b4 you saw it? The opera house looks so beautiful – were you sitting in one of the boxes? Here’s something I’m sure you don’t know—-I was almost an opera singer (I’m reallllly good) Anyway, I’m sure having a lot of fun in Rome with you. Thanks for shareing. P.S. Your friend Guliangla is very cute. You two look like two peas in a pod!!!

  • Brook:

    For the record, I’ve heard my mom sing and it is too bad she is too old (barely) to try out for American Idol!!

  • Christy:

    Hi Sweetie, Brook is right. First thing when you get back to “the states” and see Aunt Jenny, ask her to sing for you. You will be amazed! What Brook didn’t tell you, was instead of heading to Hollywood or Nashville at a young age, she gave it all up for motherhood! Love the up-dates on your adventure. Love you, Mom

  • katie:

    …eh shes alright i spose, but i guess the only songs ive heard her sing are the rotten apple song and that long legged sailor song. good enough for american idol? o i think so i mean i bet shed make it on tv for her stunning goood looks to say the least…

    anyways angela i think rome looks good.. is it like cold there?? i mean i heard 40 ppl died in russia cuz its soo cold… thats just like right around the corner right?

    i like your website, its pretty.
    just like you.

  • Uncle John:

    Angie…it is too bad you had to go all the way to Rome to find out how strang all ofthe females in this family really are! Hope all is well.

  • Brook:

    Ohhh, Uncle John, you know that the apples didn’t fall from the tree for any of us.

    So, Angie, how was your trip this weekend?? We’re excited to hear all about it! This website is so great!!! Love you!

  • Aunt Debbie:

    Hi Angie, this is a test. Your Mom just taught me how to do the message! Imagine that- I’m in PA school, and I’m still technology challenged! Love Ya. Aunt Debbie