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Day Two…

Hello All. Today was my first day of classes and they were great! I also got a cell phone today and some minutes from the Pantheon internet cafè. Oh, and I saw the Pantheon!! It is so beautiful…pictures to come later. I dont (cant find the apostrophe button) have much time now, but I thought Id leave my cell phone number if anyone would like to call me. Its free for me to receive incoming calls, but it will charge you whatever your phone company of cell phone service charges you. Okay, so my number is 334 803 1638 and you have to dial 01139 first, the area code to Europe and then Italy. The other option of calling me would be to call the Hotel, the number is on their website, and then ask to be connected to Angela Forss in room 303. Well, I have to get going, I will talk to you later. I will have a great evening while you all have a great afternoon. By the way, I bought my cell phone talking completely in Italian because the lady did not know any English, I was so proud of myself. Okay, Buona sera!! Love, Angie

5 Responses to “Day Two…”

  • Aunt Jenny:

    Just checking in on you – Everything sounds wonderful. It’s sorta like time travel, because I see that I read your entry that you actually won’t write for 2 more hours. HAHA
    Hope you get caught up on your sleep soon.
    Love, AJ

  • Brook:

    Hey Angie!

    Sounds like so much fun!! We’re so glad that you’re keeping us updated and sharing pictures! You’re wonderful!

    Dave, Brook & Jack

  • terri:

    Negotiated a new cell phone and service in Italian…I’ve been challenged doing it in English.
    How’s the food??
    Love you

  • Katie:

    WOW!! angela im so jealous!! i love your website and all the pics, everything!! Well its about 11:30 here and im on my way to bed and if im correct… you have to get up for class in 2 hours.. yikes well i bet ur adjusting to that just fine but anyways i hope everything goes perfect for you in the next couple months on your excellent adventure! love you tons.. your bestest most favorite cousin in the whoooole wide world, katie 🙂

  • Uncle John:

    Hope all is well. Looks like nice Roman accomodations! Study hard have fun and enjoy this opportunity!