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Day One…

Well, I did it. Bryan dropped me off at the Chicago O’Hare airport, we said goodbye, and then I flew from Chicago to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Rome.

the plane

It was a little overwhelming, but I did it! There were a lot of Saint Mary’s girls at the airport in Chicago so I wasn’t alone. I also met a girl named Francesca, who was on her way back home to Venice. It was really interesting talking to her…Once we boarded the plane, the never-ending journey began. We had to sit in the Chicago airport for at least 1 ½ hours. Then it was an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt. At least I got a window seat. I was pretty pumped about that. Anyway, the flight went well once we took off, I tried to sleep a little, but it was really hard to…Once we landed in Germany, our next task began – how to get to our gate. Our gate was A21, and there were signs that told us to go both ways, so we were a little confused. I got my passport stamped, which was cool, and we had to go through customs, I’m still not sure if we went the right way, but we got to our gate eventually. The flight from Frankfurt to Rome was fast, only 1 ½ hours (we were sitting in Chicago for longer than that and sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting to board for longer). Anyway, I totally passed out and the flight attendant had to wake me up as we were landing in Rome. I was awake long enough to watch us fly over the Alps which were so pretty and then I woke up in time to see the Mediterranean Sea which was so clear and beautiful too.

The Alps   The Med Sea

After we got all of our luggage, we went to load the and then we had to figure out how all of our luggage was going to fit, it was quite comical to say the least. Anyway, we made it to our hotel and eventually got all of our luggage up the one small elevator. My room is 303, but I’m really on the 4th floor. (Giuliangela let me know that it’s 110 steps total, haha.) So, I’ve started moving into my room, it’s a little quaint, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I’m so glad I’m rooming with Giuliangela!

Me & Giuliangela

She’s going to be a lifesaver. She’s already eased a lot of my nerves and answered so many questions. She’s practically fluent in Italian now and she know her way all around room and knows how to travel. It’s going to be so much better because of her. Alexandra and Christine live one floor below me. I have every class but one with Alexandra so that’ll be good and I’m trying to get to know other girls too. This has been a very overwhelming and tired day, but I’ll settle down soon. I have classes tomorrow and then I’m going to go to dinner with Giuliangela and her parents. I should probably go to bed soon since I have class at 8:00 tomorrow morning (2:00am Notre Dame time!!). This time thing is a little weird to get used to, but hopefully it won’t take too long.

Here’s my class Schedule:
On Monday & Wednesday:
I have Philosophy at 8:00-9:30; Mythology from 11:10-12:40; & Art History from 3:55-5:25
On Tuesday: I have Italian at 9:35-11:05; & Religion from 5:30-7:00
On Thursday: I have Religion at 8:00-9:30; & Italian from 9:35-11:05
Then I’m off for the weekend….

I love you all and miss you. I made it safe and sound, so no one needs to worry anymore. Tomorrow I’ll begin class, buy my books, buy a phone, and who knows what else. I’ll try and keep you posted. Love, Angela <3

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