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Angela's – Week 10: La Settimana Dieci Category

Florence Filled Saturday & Art Cafe

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Daytrip to Florence!

We got up bright and early (actually it wasn’t even bright yet) and hopped a train to Florence. Thankfully it was an express train, so we didn’t have to deal with kicking anyone out of our seats. It was an interesting trainride nonetheless. (That nun really should have gotten out the bathroom sooner)

Florence was beautiful and bustling with people, art, bridges, the Duomo…but only one David.

Duomo people Christine Angela

A little while later, I caught a cab back to the train station and took the first train back to Rome, my home sweet home.

After resting for a while, we got all dolled up again and went out to an exclusive club, the Art Cafe. Our connections pulled through for us and we were able to get in since our names were on the list. It was pretty amazing, I’ve never been to such a club.

Giuliangela & Angela Angela & Christine Angela & Alexandra

Friday…Galleria Borghese & Fiesta

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Giuliangela and I went to Galleria Borghese today. I am no art expert, I just can’t help it when Bernini’s sculptures turns me on. You’ve never seen real art until you’ve seen Bernini’s sculptures of Greek mythology. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of them, so you’ll just have to go there someday yourself.

Galleria Borghese

After all that art, we walked around Villa Borghese, which is kinda the Central Park of Rome. It was such a beautiful day and such a beautiful place!

Angela Giuliangela Villa Borghese Villa Borghese Villa Borghese

Next, we walked down the Spanish Steps, which was crowded with people. It was a truley Roman day. When we got to the bottom, I went to the fountain and got some fresh water to drink. Then we made our way back to the Tiziano, stopping at the Pantheon on the way.

Angela Pantheon Giuliangela

That night, we got all dressed up and went out with our girlfriends and our Swiss Guards. Later, we went to a party at the loft of some Iowa State students. Let me just say that we had a little too much fun! 😉

Party Christine, Angela, Giuliangela

Wednesday Outing!

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

As tradition dictates, Giuliangela and I must go out and see something amazing because it’s Wednesday. So we went to Tiber Island and walked across Tiber River.

Tiber Island Angie

Next, we made our way to the Mouth of Truth. You have to make a statement and then stick your hands in mouth. Legend has it that if you tell a lie, your hand will be bitten off!! Needless to say, we both still have both of our hands.

Giuliangela & The Mouth of Truth Angela & The Mouth of Truth

Then we headed on past Circus Maximus up Aventine Hill to see the Key Hole. What an amazing view!! So, there is this random door on top of this hill and if you look through the key hole, you’ll see the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica outlined. I don’t know how it came about or how people know about it, but it’s true and it’s an amazing view.

Key Hole