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Angela's – Week 7: La Settimana Sette Category

The Saturday in Heaven (literally)

Monday, March 20th, 2006

Vatican Tour:

Swiss Guard Quarters

Philipp & Giuliangela Jubilee Flag Armor Uniforms Weapons

Philipp’s Office

Philipp Giuliangela

Vatican City: Vatican Bank, Papal Apartments, Il Passeto, Piazza Belvedere

Vatican Bank Papal Apartments Il Passeto Piazza Belvedere

Pontifical Scientific Conservatory and Vatican Museum

Pontifical Scientific Conservatory Vatican Museum

The most amazing tour giude – Philipp – along with Giuliangela, Alexandra, and myself.

Philipp & Giuliangela Alexandra, Philipp, Angela

Vatican Gardens!!

The Cupola Fountain

Alexandra, Angela, and Giuliangela

Alexandra, Angela, Giuliangela

The Original Altar from Lourdes where the Pope prays the rosary daily.

The Altar

Giuliangela and Philipp

Giuliangela & Philipp

Vatican Gardens…Palace of the Government…

Angela Alexandra

Chapel where Swiss Guards can get married…Palace of the Faith, where the Inquisitions mostly took place.

Chapel Palace of the Faith

Alexandra and David

Alexandra & David

Papal Prayer

Pope Angela & Alexandra Giuliangela & Angela

Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Monday, March 20th, 2006

Campi di Fiori Market

Campo di Fiori Campo


Angela & 100 Fountains Angela Angeli Tivoli Angela & Alexandra Giuliangela & Angela

Tivoli Picnic

Alexandra & Angela kitty Giuliangela & Angela

Birthday dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giuliangela & Angela Angela & Alexandra Anney & Angie

Traditional Outing, Birthday Party, & Vatican Visit

Monday, March 20th, 2006

On Wednesday…

Piazza Navona

Angela Piazza Navona

Santa Maria a Trestevere

Santa Maria Angela Santa Maria Giuliangela

Saint Mary’s Birthday Celebration at Rock Castle Cafe

Alexandra & Angela Birthday Party!

On Thursday…

Visit to Vatican to see David

Davie & Alexandra Angela, David, Alexandra

Finalmente! “I’ve dated my life up!”

Monday, March 6th, 2006

I have finally updated my website. As my music professor would say, I have dated my website up. You can finally look at all of my pictures and see what I have been doing lately. As usual, I have been staying super busy doing and seeing so many new and wonderful things. I have also been super busy with homework. I wish someone would tell my professors that midterms aren’t fun. Oh well. I’ve managed to do so much anyway. Lots of love to everyone!! Love, Angie